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#socialmedia class

Hey guys! How’s your Monday going? Today was a #MotivationalMonday for us here at Myra’s…


We had the privilege of being a part of a social media class lectured by Janet Cohen, a freelance writer and collaborator with Constant Contact. Like her page on Facebook or check out her Website, she has loads of really useful information! Janet shared so much great information with us, I can’t believe I almost DID NOT attend the class… (Ahhhhhh!) What a missed opportunity that would’ve been! I totally recommend being a part of any social media opportunity, we learned so much about marketing and the different directions that social media is taking.

I believe being “online” and “connected through social media” is very important in today’s marketplace. This week Myra’s is Starting each day to achieve Greatness in our business. Like the quote states above “we don’t have to be great to start, but we have to start to be great.” In order to achieve world class greatness (our goal) we believe in starting each day and diligently, faithfully, & obediently trusting that God will lead us.

Be on the look out for different outlets to connect with us on….. look out YouTube here we come!! Oh, and Don’t forget about our Festive Florals class on December 4th!

Until Tomorrow…



Festive Florals Party!

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Hey guys! Happy Happy Friday, woohoo 🙂 I have a really exciting announcement!!!

December 4th at 6 PMwe are introducing an innovative new idea that has never been seen before in Matagorda County, Festive Florals by Jeanie Fry @ Myra’s Garden!

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The Festive Florals class this December 4th will be a “classroom style party” providing the materials needed to make a beautifully festive floral arrangement for you table this Holiday Season.

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Along with your take home floral arrangement will be tricks and tips to setting your table for Christmas Dinner, or maybe just Brunch with a friend.

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Ever have those pesky “holes” in your arrangements? Trouble making your bouquet the right height? Need a conversation piece for your sitting room? Or Maybe you just need a little inspiration this year…

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Yesterday was really the first time I feel like I’ve acknowledged the Holiday Season is upon us. I’m so excited to announce that Myra’s will be giving Holiday prep/decorating/wrapping/table setting/whatever comes to mind tips every Friday until Christmas 😉 along with our Festive Floral class updates and sneak peek teasers!

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Call 979-429-0159 for sign up info or come by The Shop! $45/person includes a take home arrangement & free wine/snacks. Come Join us for some Festively Floral Fun 😉

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See you Monday Lovely’s…




We fryin’ turkey boys.

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And it looks Mmmmmmmm………   So good.

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It’s that time of year y’all. The time of year we begin to gather together. Whether it be with family, friends, or a mixture of both… it’s a time to reflect on the things we have to be thankful for. I really really love this time of year, it most definitely brings back a good bit of my favorite memories…

Isn’t it great how good company and home-cooked food can warm the soul? Insert warm fuzzy feeling. The older I get the more I notice how little time we have… and how an even smaller amount of that time is spent loving on the people who mean the most… I’m so thankful we have the Holidays to come away from the hustle and bustle and stresses of life and truly enjoy each other.

This year I’ve been privileged to be a part of a “Friendsgiving”! Now this isn’t actually what they are calling it, but essentially it’s what it is 😉 Friendsgiving is a gathering of community to give back to the community. It’s a place to share what we’ve been blessed with throughout the year. Giving back to our communities can be through meals, gifts, celebrations…. Just gathering together and giving to your friends!

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This weekend Blessing First Baptist Church is giving back to the community through a turkey dinner! On Sunday at 4pm in the Blessing Community Center they will be serving meals to their friends as an opportunity to share what God has blessed them with throughout the year 🙂 Would you guys like to join? How are y’all giving back this year?

Until Tomorrow…



Healthier Habits

So I don’t know if I mentioned how horribly, awfully, painfully, gut-wrenching kinda sick I was on Monday?? Ugh. It was one of the worst. Picture sick to your stomach, body aching, head hurting, feverishly uncomfortable, chills surging throughout your limbs… ya, it sucked. I felt toxic. I would normally classify myself as a decent eater. I love me some fresh home-grown homemade food, but every now and then (sometimes more than once a week) I gotta have my hamburger ATW with bacon and cheese. MMMmmmmmm…. good!

I always seem to pay for it afterwards though. I hadn’t really “cheated” over the weekend… that I can remember…. Needless to say this experience has now contributed to my #eatmyyard journey!

I’ve been working on the #planmygarden stage, and I’ve been struggling with what to plant?? Not necessarily for fall, cuz it’s a little late. But more like what do I want to plant to over-winter? What do I want to plant/eat in the spring? Today I made this super easy meal for lunch and it has got me thinking… I want egg & meat chickens (eventually), corn, French green beans (if possible) and black eyed peas! This is just a start, but as I cooked dinner last night, breakfast this morning, and lunch today I’ve been really inspired 😉

Last night was a pot of black eyed peas with bacon, celery, and seasonings… and skillet corn bread. This morning was bacon, toast with honey butter, and a fried egg sunny side up. Lunch today was chicken cubed and seasoned with garlic pepper, salt, and the juice of half a lemon… Stir fried that while I was cooking corn-on-the-cob, and boiling a pot of rice, I also stir-fried some green beans with minced garlic and onion! Let me tell you these little meals are simple but amazingly delicious!! The more I cook and expand my “usual” palate the more I realize what I want to #eatmyyard 🙂

What are you guys cooking? Any suggestions on what I should try tomorrow? Until tomorrow let’s keep on planning our gardens…

P.S. What are you eating anyways?



Garden Planning for Beginners.

Hey guys! Sorry about the late post, these changes in the weather keep getting me down! How do you guys prep your body for the seasonal changes? How do you bounce back from getting sick? I’m just taking my Honey and trying to eat healthier to give my body the things that it needs.

We left off last week beginning our #eatmyyard journey… and I want to get us started this week by planning our garden. If we are eating out of our own yards, or cooping to eat out of the yards in our communities we will definitely have a better idea of “what are we eating anyways??”

First step to planning your veggie garden is site selection. Making sure your garden has enough sun exposure is key. Veggies love the sun, they need at least 6 to 8 hours of full sun every single day. Mother Earth News suggests mapping out a drawing of your garden site & even following up your site selection with a soil test.

After you choose the location of your garden it’s time to get to know your soil. Veggies need good, loamy, well-drained soil according to the Farmer’s Almanac. Myra’s agrees that most soil can be enriched with compost, but some soil may need more help. Raised Garden Boxes are also an option for those with poor soil conditions or physical conditions that limit their ability to tend to a garden. Myra’s Garden offers services for building & installing Raised Garden Boxes, they are custom built and can be fitted to your needs. For examples of our work, please see our Services or our Trending: Raised Garden Boxes photo album on our Facebook Page. When placing your garden in the yard remember a few things:

  • you want it to be accessible: plant in a place you’ll actually tend to it. Out of sight? Often means out of mind.
  • don’t plant too close to a tree. These guys are great for shade & keeping our houses cool, but they can steal the sun exposure and nutrients that are vital to our gardens.
  • being close to the house can deter varmints from nibbling on our goods, as well as offer an encouraging reminder for us to get out there & love on our food.

Tools are also an important part of gardening. A quality, well taken care of set of tools can often last you a lifetime. Lord knows we’ll be eating for the rest of our lives… might as well take our tools along for the ride. The Almanac gives the following list of tools for a beginner gardener to have on hand:

  • Spade
  • Garden Fork
  • Garden Hose
  • Hoe
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Hand Weeder

Annie’s Heirloom Seeds has a great seed catalogue for ordering… Looking over the catalogue ahead of planting season can aide in a properly planned garden. Last minute planning can often be stressful & rushed… Believe me, we know this from experience and it’s NOT fun. Planning & Prepping make for a more enjoyable experience.

Also, check your first & last frost dates and be mindful of the weather conditions in your area.  Seasonal changes also play a part in planning your garden properly.

When deciding the size of your garden, the Farmer’s Almanac suggests a 16′ X 10′ plot can feed a family of four for one growing season with a little extra for canning/freezing or giving away. Is it safe to say you could use about 40 sq. ft. of garden space per person? Myra’s hasn’t tested that theory yet. Place your garden running rows North to South to take up full advantage of the sun. The Farmer’s Almanac and Mother Earth News have proven to be great resources for garden planning and gaining useful information on similar subjects. Join me this week as I #planmygarden and begin the journey to #eatmyyard.

P.S. Today’s Last Step being: Don’t forget to Water! 😉

-XOXO, Myra’s

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