Christmas Poinsettias are in!! They are beautifully vibrantly full and would add a festive splash of color to your home, office, or as a gift to a friend!


Poinsettias are known as a holiday flower, ranging in color from red to pink to white to yellow… even available in bicolor varieties. These guys like to be inside… kinda like cats. They like to stoop on the windowsill taking in As Much sunlight As Possible. This is because the Christmas Poinsettia is actually a Tropical Flower!!


They also enjoy that priceless weather… hanging somewhere in between 65-70 degrees F. And by no means should you let them get a cool draft or touch your icy windows… This will cause the leaves to drop prematurely!


Water only when the plant feels dry to the touch. Don’t let the plant sit in water.. it’s best to take the plant to the sink or tub, water it, and let the water drain through the bottom of the pot. Then return it to it’s pretty little perch. This way both you and the plant are happy. Sometimes watering it in the place you are displaying it can cause a huge mess!! And who needs another mess to clean up during the holidays??


If you’d like to keep your Poinsettia for re-use next year… be prepared for A Lot of work!! Myra’s recommends sparing yourself the headache and just be prepared to invest in a few new ones again during the next Holiday Season.


What do you guys think? Did you know Poinsettias were Tropical?? Are you curious to know how they came to the big ol’ U. S. of A. or Why Poinsettias are associated with Christmas?? If so, see this link Here.

Until Tomorrow,