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Date: January 7, 2015

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Did you guys know it’s supposed to get down into the 30’s for the next few nights? Wooooo-Weeee that sounds pretty darn chilly to me!

When I hear freeze I often think, ok what has the potential to bust, die, freeze, or injured?? Mainly in regards to my home, pets, or plants.


We can add insulation, reduce draft through doors & windows, only open garage doors when absolutely necessary, wrap exposed pipes, and leave our faucets and spigots dripping.

Bring pets inside or set up heat lamps in an area with wind protection. And as always make sure they have access to water and food.

Water the soil around your plants thoroughly… wet soil holds heat better than dry or damp soil. Bed sheets or Blankets are good materials to use in covering your plants, use stakes to keep the covering from touching the plants (Especially if you are using plastic or tarps). If possible, cluster container plants together close to the house.

If this years first freeze has caught you off guard, use these simple tips to prepare your home. Taking care of things such as pipe insulation, heat lamps and having blankets on hand will last you for years to come.

Oh, and can u buy neurontin online a helpful tutorial from Myra’s Garden for wrapping your pipes! Stay warm guys, Until Tomorrow…



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