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Date: January 26, 2015

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I know that this is the time of year where everyone is making goals and implementing changes. So I’m joining in on the chorus too! I’ve been yearning for the willpower.. the strength.. the commitment.. the discipline to take better care of my own body.. my one life.. heck why not? We only get one run at things right?

I’ve told myself that time and time again.. through the headaches, dry eyes, tummy-aches, and sleepless nights. Nothing ever seemed to changed though. I’m one of those people other people look at and say.. “You don’t need to lose weight, You don’t need to get healthy, You are already skinny.” That’s just it though. It didn’t seem to matter anymore. Even though I am skinny by societies terms, my body was constantly getting sick.. and by constantly I mean ever other week I was in excruciating pain of some sort that left me in bed for hours on end. My body felt toxic.

I thought I was enjoying my life and the foods that this world has to offer. I feel like I was lying to myself. What’s so enjoyable about sore eyes and migraines? How can I have fun with an aching body and sinus drainage? I think you get the pic.

What did I do to make a change? … I prayed. I prayed and told God that I didn’t have the strength to live a healthier lifestyle on my own, with my sugar cravings-love for bread-and all things dairy… I couldn’t turn the corner without giving into the next food induced temptation.

I prayed for what seemed like a while. But, I think I actually only really prayed about it a few times over a period of a few months. He took away my addiction to sodas a little over a year ago. And I’ve basked in the greatness of how good it felt to be freed from those pesky little devils. Honestly once I got past the “I need a coke” it turned into “I don’t want a coke”.

I asked God, “Thank you for taking away my desire for sodas.. Will you please take away my desire for gluten, sugar, and dairy? I know I’m too weak to give it up, and I know you are wayyy more than capable enough to take it away.”

I figured one day He would, but I didn’t know when.. Until last week.. I woke up feeling totally crappy Monday morning, and after I began to feel better it just clicked.. It was time to make the change. So I’ve sworn to dairy-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free foods, a somewhat easier way to describe this is called Paleo.

My mind has changed from what I can’t eat, to what I Can Eat! And believe me, once you start to focus on everything you Can Eat.. the options are actually endless haha. It’s like there’s all this food out there, ripe for the picking.. and I Can Eat It! By ripe for the picking I mean fresh foods, and honestly it’s the best way to go. Your body will love you for it.


What exactly am I eating? Just this week I’ve had can u buy neurontin online, kinda like a substitute for “Chili-Mac” if you leave out the Herb Seasonings and Sour Cream.. and add Cumin, Chili Powder, and Garlic.

I’ve also made buy gabapentin 300mg uk.. which has been an AH-maze-Zing substitute for the oh so dairy-filled mashed potato staple..


buy gabapentin 100mg uk(recommend using 1T of mustard and not 2), Oh and I made an exception for the sugar on this one… my favorite BBQ sauce from Hinze’s BBQ does have a little sugar in it. I’ll let you know if I find a paleo recipe for sauce that stands up to the taste bud test..

paleo crockpot ribs

and tonight I’m have buy gabapentin online usa! Haven’t tried it yet but it literally took me 20 minutes to throw together and it smells delish 🙂


Don’tcha just love you some Pinterest?? hehe 😉 I know I sure do! Well, Until Tomorrow… I’m basically just trying to tell you that You Can Do It, you can take control of your body, you can live a healthier lifestyle, you can make fitness goals and stick with them.. and if you need help doin it I’m here to give you all the motivationally positive support you need!



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