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Date: January 28, 2015

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You may be asking, what is the #eatmyyard journey? It’s an adventure! Whether it’s an adventure to the body, planting new things. An adventure to the spirit, finding peace and serenity in the quietness of our backyards. An adventure to the taste buds, eating deliciously new things or savoring in the things of old. An adventure to the soul, realizing that we can accomplish new things while bringing our bodies and our health to new heights!

On today’s journey we are talking Citrus & Fruit trees. A should-be staple in our everyday diets. These guys can offer satisfaction to your sweet tooth, bursts of goodness to your foods, and comfort to your hungry-grab on the go tummy.


Katy Apricot – Large sweet apricot.  Self fertile.  Great for southern climates.  Freestone.

Lila Avocado – Originated in Uvalde, Texas.  Tight growing, vigorous tree.  Hardy to mid teens.  Medium pear-shaped fruit.  Rich flavor, green skinned avocado.  Ripens August to September.


Texas Blue Giant Fig – Extra large fig with purple skin and amber flesh, very sweet. Ever-bearing habit.

Hardy Chicago Fig – Small to medium sized fruit. Light brown skin and strawberry pink pulp. Very cold hardy and has an excellent flavor.


Rio Red Grapefruit – Fruit is large with a smooth, thin skin. Yellow skin with red flesh, very juicy.

Persian Lime – Medium tree with dark foliage. Produces medium to large juicy fruit. Thornless tree. Fruit keeps longer than Key lime. Oval shaped lime, similar in size to a lemon. Vivid green rind. Fruit is usually seedless, tender and acidic with light green to yellow pulp.

Sun Red Nectarine – Sun Red Nectarine is a small to medium sized nectarine.  Bright red skin, yellow flesh.  Firm and semi-freestone.  Early harvest.

Spice Zee Nectaplum Interspecific – a white-fleshed, nectarine-peach-plum hybrid. Skin is dark maroon at fruit set, and turns pale pink when ripe. Fully ripe fruit is unparalled in flavor, and both nectarine and plum traits are easily detectable. Very productive tree is also quite ornamental. Tremendous purplish pink bloom in the spring, followed by a flourish of red leaves which mature into lush green in late summer. Very low chilling requirement, but high chill adaptable.

Mid-Pride Peach – a yellow, freestone peach for warmer climates.  Exceptional flavor, mid season, 250 chill hours.

fruit8 Red Baron Peach – a large, firm, juicy yellow freestone peach.  Produces double red blossoms.  Long time favorite in Texas and California.  250-300 Chill Hours, self-fruitful.

Methley Plum – Self-fertile.  Japanese Plum, fruit is sweet and juicy.  Red to purple color.

Fuyu Persimmon – Delicious non-astringent Japanese Persimmon.  Very heavy bearer.


Pineapple Orange – Highly productive tree.  Fruit is medium to large, flattened on both ends.  Seedless with very flavorful juice.


Kiowa Blackberry – Thorned. Berries weigh an average of 10 grams with black oblong shape. One of the best blackberry varieties.

Hope this bountiful information encourages you guys to get super duper excited about the #eatmyyard journey! Y’all come on out and get a tree, today’s a beautiful day to get started 😉 Until Tomorrow…



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