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Beauty in My Backyard

So this nature that I found isn’t really in an uncommon place…fact of the matter is, the beauty of the Texas countryside is all around us. My “Backyard” is full of fields, cows, trees, and streams, all of which are something that we’ve come very accustomed to. The nature of the scene I’m about to describe to you is something a little different…something that can only be seen when we stop and pay attention to the little things.

The other night someone very special to me was describing the church he wanted to get married in: a really pretty, small church, sitting next to an open field with a beautiful view…All the while what he didn’t know was that I was picturing that place, and I had been there before.

Yesterday evening I took him to the place that he had described…

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I took him down a long and curvy country road, a road that Myra took me down a couple years ago. She took me there to show me something special.

After you pass over a couple cattle guards you find yourself driving along side a beautiful field full of peacefully grazing cows. For some reason the sun is always setting when I meet this place, and the orange and yellow glow rests peacefully across the skyline for as far as you can see. I knew that just ahead was a place we’d never forget.

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As we passed across a little creek the boards of the bridge rumbled beneath the truck. It’s so serene how this little church can peak through the trees and open your eyes to something very beautiful.

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As we pulled up we both couldn’t help but smile. He said, “I can’t believe you were actually picturing what I was thinking!”

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I don’t know exactly why I know this place, but I’d like to believe it’s another beautiful way of God showing His love for Us. I’ve always loved to hear other people’s love stories…all this time I had no idea God was writing mine.

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With Faith, Hope, and Love To Be Continued…

Here at Myra’s we want to be apart of your love story, we want to help you paint a beautiful picture of your love for all to see on your wedding day! Please stay tuned for a beautiful October Wedding here at Myra’s Garden-Event Venue where our very own Myriah and her fiancé Kyle will be married.

Until Tomorrow…




  1. You made me cry……….I love you…………….

    • myrasgarden

      October 3, 2014 at 7:35 pm

      Aww thank you Ev! I love you too, I’m so thankful and glad for the experience of being able to share this beautiful picture with y’all!

  2. May the Lord bless this sweet couple!

  3. – Nice! You’ve inspired me try this again. I did a list last year and sgterglud to find 101 things. Im Going to challenge myself to put my list together this weekend while I’m down in FL. Rebranding??? I love your branding, seriously!!!January 4, 2012 11:09 am

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