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DIY: Winterizing Your Pipes and Sprinkler System

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Brrrr…… Good Morning Y’all! There is a tiny ity bity slightly chilly feel in the air today, and I’m Loving It! Even the slightest hint of cooler weather makes me want to put on my big camo shirt, dark green scarf, tight jeans, chacos, & a knitted beanie… curl up with a big ol’ cup of joe and enjoy a relaxing fire with good company! Mmmmm…. Yummy sounds so good!

Until then I’ll be wrapping my exposed pipes up so I don’t have to worry about them when I am chillin’ by the fire… hehe. Basically, you only need a few things to get this job done. Continue reading

During a Time Full of Life…

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Hey you guys, good evening! I’ve missed y’all so stinkin much! Last week was cah-raze-eeeee!! We started out the week by spreading 2 loads of gravel to resurface the driveway. Then we rolled it and made it all nice & pretty & packed after the rain. When the rain let up we hung party lights, lantern lights, Christmas lights, chandelier lights… you name it we lit it up! Gotta have plenty of light shining for a beautiful par-tay! hehe.

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The inside of the barn (reception hall) was looking a little drab, so we had Sarah Zernicek (from Monarch Events) come over and put her special touch on a few things. She transformed the reception & ceremony areas by gracefully hanging decorations and lighting to create the ambiance we were searching for. The Monarch Events team helped us with so many intricate details we would’ve been lost without them! Same would be said without all the Family & Friends who lended a hand, we are forever grateful for your kindhearted eagerness to help! Continue reading

A Beautiful Day

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It was a day to admire…

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As the sun rose softly over the clouds, we basked in the presence of a very beautiful bride. Her golden skin was glowing from within, and we gathered around as her soft brown flowing hair was to be pinned. Continue reading

Wedding Preparations…

I’m so sorry I haven’t been here y’all! We are sooo busy with the wedding preparations I haven’t had time to post anything for you guys! I will be taking lots of pictures and notes through this week/ends events and have lots to tell you when I come back on Monday. Until Monday…



Wedding. Wedding. Wedding…

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We’ve gotten A Lot more done today!! Draping tool in the barn where the reception will be held, painted signs for the ceremony & parking, hung some of the lighting, continued the ongoing work on our new parking lot, spread gravel, resurfaced the driveway…. The list goes on and on and on and on and on!

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We are soooo exhausted. I’m sorry I don’t have much else to share with y’all today, enjoy these pics and I will share more with y’all tomorrow!

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Goodnight loves!



A Honey Review

Sorry about the late post guys, these weather changes keep hitting me hard. Seems like cool fronts & wonderful rain bring so much cozy joy, but also these uncomfortably dizzying headaches.

We’ve gone full force with prepping, planning, and cleaning for this weekend’s wedding events. Does anyone else have a hard time cleaning with a headache? Do you feel my pain?? So I sat down this evening with my little home brew: 1 Tablespoon of Honey in a cup of piping hot water.


Not too long after… I actually started to feel better. The pressure slowly began to release from my head, and continued to the point at which my headache went away completely! I’m so thankful for the little ways that God provides for us.


I’m currently loving my little home remedy… See you tomorrow friends!




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While I was out and about with my dogs yesterday, there were two things we were looking for… Beauty & Adventure. I’d like to think we found both!

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I found this beautiful little guy near the edge of a culvert… I almost didn’t notice him as he caught a glance from the corner of my eye. When I took a step back to examine what I saw, I thought what is that little flash of color amidst the darkness? Continue reading

Blue Agave

I’m inspired today by this beautiful bloom that was brought by the shop yesterday…

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Blue Agave is definitely one of my most favorite plants. I love how it lends itself to that “Southwestern” feel. Every time I come across this plant I picture a little stone hut, deep in the desert… a shadow casting itself on a dark open doorway, and the windows are full of tribal treatments dancing slowly in the breeze. No one has lived here for quite some time, a Blue Agave in the distance is the only sign of life. As I wander out into the distance the sun stretches across the sand to meet me, so vibrant and warm. I lean into it like a heavenly hug,  & the embrace of my Father soothes my soul. Continue reading

Honey. Honey. Honey.

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I’ve been hearing a lot about honey this week. Many people are raving about it’s ability to relieve allergies, soothe sore throats, boost energy, & much more. Here are a few recipes to try out Honey at home:

Honey Citrus Soother

Banana Smoothie Energy Booster

Harvest Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask

Continue reading

Puerto Rican Ham & Egg Sandwhich


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Hey guys! How about a little Food-inspo today? I love me some good home cookin’, cuz that means I get to eat good FOOD! haha. Eating is one of my favorite things to do, especially when my food is coming straight out of the “yard”. Here at Myra’s we’ve got a few laying hens, and they give us these beautifully delicious eggs! Sometimes there are soooo many eggs that I feel a little overwhelmed like…. What am I going to do with all these dang eggs?? Continue reading

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