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While I was out and about with my dogs yesterday, there were two things we were looking for… Beauty & Adventure. I’d like to think we found both!

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I found this beautiful little guy near the edge of a culvert… I almost didn’t notice him as he caught a glance from the corner of my eye. When I took a step back to examine what I saw, I thought what is that little flash of color amidst the darkness?

It’s a Butterfly! often known as “Butter” for short…

At first glance these little creatures seem so dainty and beautiful, but as I took a closer look I saw the struggle to persevere this little guy must’ve had. All beaten and broken, just trying to get by… I think there are many times I can relate. As he lay there peacefully to rest, he was yet another reminder to stop and take a step back. To take my focus off of the little picture and onto the big. For me, taking my mind off of the little picture is casting away Strife, Struggle, Doubt, and Discouragement. My Big Picture today is of Faith, Focus, Hope, and Love. It’s crazy cool how clear my picture can get when I Slow Down and Make Time to Look up to my Father.

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I believe him to be either a Empress Leilia or a Tawny Emperor Butterfly. I’ve had a hard time identifying him because of the “wear and tear” of his little body. The markings, patterns, and colorations are used to identify specific species; damage to these characters can make identification very hard on a novice “butterfly watcher”.

I think it’s hard to identify people by the outer appearance as well, most of the time we have absolutely no idea where their “wear and tear” came from. Just like with this little Butter, I had no way of knowing what contributed to his character flaws.

The Empress and Tawny have such adventurous lives, traveling here and there without a care in the world! They have some similarities in characteristics and food preferences. Each of these species likes sap & dung, how random is that…maybe sweet and salty?? That’s always a good combo, Haha… but each species also has other preferences, the Empress occasionally searches for nectar, but the Tawny will almost never be found visiting flowers.

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Empress makes it’s habitat in thorn scrub, washes, canyons, & stream sides. Tawny prefers to live in dry wooded areas, cities, & parks. As these guys make their habitats in different locations, there is still a common theme… The male Butter’s perch most of the day to watch for females, seems like this is a common theme throughout all species of animals! I guess it’s just a part of the circle of life, being attracted to the opposite sex, and having the desire to reproduce & contribute to the continuation of your species! That is so cool to me how that is innately engrained in every species!

I’ve also read about Butter’s being friendly… yea friendly?! Some species of Butter’s are characterized as being “friendly”, and more apt to perching on people’s arms or just hanging around chillin’ with them. Isn’t it neat how bugs can even be “friendly/not friendly”? So does that mean Butter’s make friends & Bee’s make enemies?? I still love me some Honey though 🙂

Do you guys know anything else really interesting about butterflies? or another bug perhaps?

Until Monday…