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Motivation Monday

How about this weather?

We are definitely welcoming this break in the gray clouds and rainy season we’ve had lately! We’ve been getting shipments of some pretty color in, along with some other things like fertilizer, bagged mulch, compost, and potting soil 🙂 Today’s been a great day to get out and start some of those to-do list’s!

My advice: Take it one project at a time. Complete the task at hand before you move on to the next one.. that way you have a sense of accomplishment and you can use that as driving force to tackle one more project!

How do you guys kick start your spring cleaning?

Do you have any annual commencement activities or do you just jump right into it?

How do you celebrate the completion of spring cleaning and a job(s) well done?

Anything specific you want to plant in your spring gardens this year?



Product Review: Chacos

Hey guys, I hope y’all had a great day! Today was a great day to be in the garden, weather was nice… not too hot, not too cool… kinda bearable if you know what I mean 😉 So I thought since the end of October is nearing I would share with you one of this month’s favorites!

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As I was walking through the garden I looked down and noticed one thing that I notice nearly every day… my Chacos! I wear these sandals nearly every single time I walk outside, and to tell you the truth they are really amazing. They have adjustable straps (all the way around), arch support, tread options… heck they are almost as fancy as a new automobile, except wayyy cheaper!

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I’ve never had such a versatile, comfy, #standuptothetest kinda sandal. I’ve been wearing mine since the beginning of this year… I’ve put them through rain, shine, hiking, mud, shoveling, work, gardening, running, walking, night out on the town… you name it I’ve probably taken them there with me!

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If you need a new shoe for your gardening lifestyle duties try these bad boys out! Let me know what ya think? Chaco also has boots, shoes, flip flops & more. Until Tomorrow…



September Favorites

Can you believe it’s about to be October?? I feel like I ask myself the same question every time the end of another month approaches. I would love to just grab Father Time and wrap a couple fifty-pound weights around his ankles, because he is running off with all my time! How do you guys slow down and enjoy your time?

Lately I’ve been spending my time trying to enjoy the everyday things a little more. Like…The little things that God gives me… Love, Food, Cooking, Health, The Weather, Loved Ones. So to end the month I wanted to share a few of our favorite things here at Myra’s Garden.

1. Fairy Gardens (available @ Myra’s) and Fall Decorations

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Photo Credit: Lynsey Buss Curtner, Thank You for Your Awesome Photo!

I love looking at Festive decorations and These little miniature communities are so cute…every time the renaissance festival comes around I’m reminded of these funny little creatures!

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