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Beauty in My Backyard

So this nature that I found isn’t really in an uncommon place…fact of the matter is, the beauty of the Texas countryside is all around us. My “Backyard” is full of fields, cows, trees, and streams, all of which are something that we’ve come very accustomed to. The nature of the scene I’m about to describe to you is something a little different…something that can only be seen when we stop and pay attention to the little things.

The other night someone very special to me was describing the church he wanted to get married in: a really pretty, small church, sitting next to an open field with a beautiful view…All the while what he didn’t know was that I was picturing that place, and I had been there before.

Yesterday evening I took him to the place that he had described…

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Nature in Uncommon Places

When I think of Nature, I think of wooded areas, running water, fields of grass and the Things that live within those places. I don’t usually think of cement parking lots, abandoned buildings, high-rise hotels, or airports. Nature in the latter places would be “Uncommon” to me.

Sometimes it seems like the most “out-of-place” things in nature are often the most beautiful.

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I took this photo a few weeks ago at a gas station here in Bay City. I was just doing the usual, pumping gas, when I noticed this beautiful little guy chillin’ on top of one of the bumper poles near the gas pump. I thought…. Continue reading

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