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How about this weather?

We are definitely welcoming this break in the gray clouds and rainy season we’ve had lately! We’ve been getting shipments of some pretty color in, along with some other things like fertilizer, bagged mulch, compost, and potting soil 🙂 Today’s been a great day to get out and start some of those to-do list’s!

My advice: Take it one project at a time. Complete the task at hand before you move on to the next one.. that way you have a sense of accomplishment and you can use that as driving force to tackle one more project!

How do you guys kick start your spring cleaning?

Do you have any annual commencement activities or do you just jump right into it?

How do you celebrate the completion of spring cleaning and a job(s) well done?

Anything specific you want to plant in your spring gardens this year?



neurontin 800mg

Instead of the typical fill in the blank Wednesday, I thought it would be kinda cool to do something a little different.

Here lately it seems like life has been full of more and more choices. Gluten or Gluten-Free? Dairy or Non-Dairy? Petunias or Vinca? Fast food or Homemade? To Love or Not to Love? Heaven or Hell?

hehe. The last one is from my Bible Study this morning. And it reminded me that it’s the most important choice we make. And Yes, I believe we make that choice.

Choices are so abundant. I feel like they bombard us sometimes. So I wanted to get yalls opinions on a few things.. Comment below and tell me why!

Big Wedding or Small Wedding?

Traditional Wedding dress or something a little more Alternative?

Ceremony in the Church or somewhere Outside?

Veil or No Veil?

Traditional Reception or an I Do BBQ?

DJ or Band?

or do you run away with your lover and elope?


hehe. You tell me, I’m curious to see what you guys think!



neurontin 300 mg cap

We’re planning another wedding!! Except this one is going to be much much smaller.. still yet there are bridal tips and wedding tools that can be handy to any couple planning their journey to commitment. Today I wanted to share a few tips and sources that have been helpful to us so far..


1. this site: has so great tips for the brides; “things to remember” <<which I feel like just about anyone can appreciate a good “don’t forget this” list.

2. this girl has some great insight: it’s awesome what one can know from just being a part of sooo many weddings. Her photographer stand point brings out a lot of great ideas, like.. the “first look” photos.. I don’t know if I would do this personally.. but it sounds like a pretty cool way to make darn sure you capture the emotion of the day.

3. annnd there’s also page: which is actually a board on Pinterest (which I lovvvvve). It’s a board full of Tips for Brides.. so basically someone has already spent hours upon hours scouring Pinterest for the most deemed worthy helpful hints and tricks 😉 hope you enjoy!

What have you found helpful in planning? Have you found any super great wedding hacks that you’d love to share? Comment and Share Below 🙂 Until Tomorrow..



300mg cap neurontin

Ever feel like you need a new hobby? Ever feel bored with the endless stream of DIYs.. that you may or may not get around to doing? or Maybe you’re searching for your first real hobby, something you can get into and enjoy for a lifetime??

Well today’s Guest Post from Myriah Streams will help you with just that! hehe. Hope you enjoy.


Hey there folks of the intro-net. Haven’t you ever just taken a good nap? Well if not your missing out.

You know you have all different kinds of people that are great at different things. Some call them hobbies. Well I’ve mastered mine and it’s called a nap. All you need is a comfy space, blanket, your dog and some good dreams!!! Naps are great for the body, I mean who can spend an hour and wake up sexier than before? Not many, except me. I tried to be good at other things like working out, cleaning, painting but ain’t none of them like the good ole nap. Naps are for all kinds of people, heck you ain’t even got to go to college to know how to do it.

Thank you folks,
Now go nap.


Have a little laugh today.. then take a nap.. hehe 🙂 Until Tomorrow..



order neurontin over the counter

Just to let you guys know.. We had a BLAST in Colorado. It was gorgeously beautiful.. Just like Texas! Well not just like Texas, but the state of CO held a picturesque beauty in it’s own right. We flew into Denver from Houston.. Rented a car from Hertz (btw we got talked into upgraded to an SUV, for more money of coarse, don’t let them fool you.. there were lots of cars on the road.. seemingly apparent that they were not also equipped with four wheel drive.. hmmph). We drove into downtown Denver were we ate at this bangin’ Hot Dog place called Biker Jim’s.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

We each tried a different dog, among a few other things. If you’re ever in Denver be sure to check those bad boys out, they will not disappoint. Great Food. Great Service. Great Atmosphere.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

From Jim’s we headed on to Winter Park, which was about a 2.5 hour drive if I’m not mistaken. It was a lovely simple drive, no hassles at all. When we arrived at Winter Park we drove straight to Beaver’s Sport Shop where we cashed in our Groupon for 50% OFF 2-days of ski rental! We ended up paying a little extra for an upgrade here as well.. but this upgrade was well worth the money.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

We loaded up our gear and headed to the Zephyr Mountain Lodge, which was totally nice and had very helpful desk service. Our room was cozy and warm, accompanied with a shweet view of the mountain! It had snowed A LOT before we got to CO and it snowed while we were there.. So you can only imagine the white winter wonderland we were living in.

Day 2 & 3 were Full of skiing.. which was amazing as well! (I feel like I have lots of only good things to say about this trip haha). Skiing was an experience in itself. My favorite trails are the slightly downhill bumpy loopy ones that go through the trees 😉 they are totally rockin’and’rollin.. you can ask Duane about the rollin’ hehe.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Ok I just realized I have one not so enthusiastic thing to say.. it’s about the Food. I was not impressed with anything at all other than the Rise and Shine Café.. We ate there for breakfast.. twice 🙂 I consider myself a breakfast guru/connoisseur. So when I say it was good.. it was delish 😉 Well worth it. I got sick from gluten/sugar/dairy overload and did not get to try the Maple Bacon Donut like I had planned for Day 4. If you know me, you know that had Day 4 gone like I thought it would.. I would’ve been basking in the ohhh so goodness of my all-time favorite pairings (well one of them at least): MAPLE & BACON!

Need I say more?

Oh btw don’t fly Spirit. They offer discounts but they stick you with the Cost of Water and the $$Charges$$ for the “No Free Carry-On Bag” Policy.. C’mon??

Ok. Ok. Done with my honest rant. On to the positive vibes. We made it Home to the great State of Texas with wonderfully enjoyable memories of cool mountain air & white powdery wonderlands. Thankful that God gave us the ability to visit another itsy bitsy piece of His creation, and that the memories we have will last for an eternity 😉

Where have you guys been lately? or Plan to Go?

Until Tomorrow…



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I know that this is the time of year where everyone is making goals and implementing changes. So I’m joining in on the chorus too! I’ve been yearning for the willpower.. the strength.. the commitment.. the discipline to take better care of my own body.. my one life.. heck why not? We only get one run at things right?

I’ve told myself that time and time again.. through the headaches, dry eyes, tummy-aches, and sleepless nights. Nothing ever seemed to changed though. I’m one of those people other people look at and say.. “You don’t need to lose weight, You don’t need to get healthy, You are already skinny.” That’s just it though. It didn’t seem to matter anymore. Even though I am skinny by societies terms, my body was constantly getting sick.. and by constantly I mean ever other week I was in excruciating pain of some sort that left me in bed for hours on end. My body felt toxic.

I thought I was enjoying my life and the foods that this world has to offer. I feel like I was lying to myself. What’s so enjoyable about sore eyes and migraines? How can I have fun with an aching body and sinus drainage? I think you get the pic.

What did I do to make a change? … I prayed. I prayed and told God that I didn’t have the strength to live a healthier lifestyle on my own, with my sugar cravings-love for bread-and all things dairy… I couldn’t turn the corner without giving into the next food induced temptation.

I prayed for what seemed like a while. But, I think I actually only really prayed about it a few times over a period of a few months. He took away my addiction to sodas a little over a year ago. And I’ve basked in the greatness of how good it felt to be freed from those pesky little devils. Honestly once I got past the “I need a coke” it turned into “I don’t want a coke”.

I asked God, “Thank you for taking away my desire for sodas.. Will you please take away my desire for gluten, sugar, and dairy? I know I’m too weak to give it up, and I know you are wayyy more than capable enough to take it away.”

I figured one day He would, but I didn’t know when.. Until last week.. I woke up feeling totally crappy Monday morning, and after I began to feel better it just clicked.. It was time to make the change. So I’ve sworn to dairy-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free foods, a somewhat easier way to describe this is called Paleo.

My mind has changed from what I can’t eat, to what I Can Eat! And believe me, once you start to focus on everything you Can Eat.. the options are actually endless haha. It’s like there’s all this food out there, ripe for the picking.. and I Can Eat It! By ripe for the picking I mean fresh foods, and honestly it’s the best way to go. Your body will love you for it.


What exactly am I eating? Just this week I’ve had neurontin, kinda like a substitute for “Chili-Mac” if you leave out the Herb Seasonings and Sour Cream.. and add Cumin, Chili Powder, and Garlic.

I’ve also made neurontin 900 mg day.. which has been an AH-maze-Zing substitute for the oh so dairy-filled mashed potato staple..


neurontin mg(recommend using 1T of mustard and not 2), Oh and I made an exception for the sugar on this one… my favorite BBQ sauce from Hinze’s BBQ does have a little sugar in it. I’ll let you know if I find a paleo recipe for sauce that stands up to the taste bud test..

paleo crockpot ribs

and tonight I’m have buy neurontin from us pharmacy! Haven’t tried it yet but it literally took me 20 minutes to throw together and it smells delish 🙂


Don’tcha just love you some Pinterest?? hehe 😉 I know I sure do! Well, Until Tomorrow… I’m basically just trying to tell you that You Can Do It, you can take control of your body, you can live a healthier lifestyle, you can make fitness goals and stick with them.. and if you need help doin it I’m here to give you all the motivationally positive support you need!



buy neurontin with paypal

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

How about this sunshine? Mmmmm…. my skin is whispering sweet nothings while I bask in the warmth of it all… I’ve been looking for excuses to get outside and enjoy this amazing weather, and it looks like I’m not the only one!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

What are you guys doing to enjoy the great outdoors? I’ve been pulling weeds, dusting ant piles, beginning the cleanup of my garden for spring, walking my puppy loves, sitting out in the grass reading, basically just some good ‘ol I’m ready for spring activities!

We’ve got plenty of fertilizer, plant food, ant poison, bug zapping kinda stuff along with some great deals on plants left over from last years orders.

order neurontin overnight, we’d love to show you around!



neurontin online no script

It’s so good to be back. I love that I can say that honestly and whole-heartedly. I really do love my work. It’s amazingly astonishing that those words are coming out of my brain through the tips of my fingers haha. But seriously, I just want to stop right Here and give Thanks, all the Glory, Honor, and Credit to God for guiding me to exactly where I am today. And I’m thankful that He never tires to remind me that He’s got it under control!

I also want to say that I love you guys (seems like I’m full of love, joy, and all things peacefully nice this morning)>>you guys better eat it up now. hehe. You guys also make my work worth while and I want to Thank You for it.

How was your Holidays? Did you celebrate the birth of Jesus and Ring in the New Year?? We did. It’s been a blast. Took a 9 day Holiday and now we are ready for 2015! I’m also beginning to be Thankful for Mondays. That should be a Hashtag. #thankfulformondays yes. I like the sound of that. It’s like the perfect opportunity to start every week out right.


“God, forgive me for allowing things of this world to take my focus away from You. My heart is Yours. I belong to You!” -Deuteronomy

Let’s stay focused and motivated lovelies! Until Tomorrow…



buy gabapentin online

Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 preset

I just wanted to thank everyone that came out to the class last night! Myra and I had such a blast, you guys were such a joy to be around 🙂 …and special Thank You to Jeanie Fry who put the class together! She did a wonderful job creating a Christmas themed arrangement and teaching the gals how to create it in their own way!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

We started the night with some amazing “Crack Dip” and Pineapple Pink Lemonade Party Punch…


Then we got our created juices flowing with “Bing Crosby Christmas CD” and guidance from the lovely Jeanie Fry of Blue Orchid Florals.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Jeanie provided vases with a “mercury look” that she created by spraying mirror paint onto the outer surface of the glass. Greenery was in abundance as we began to fill these cute little vases… the smell of Christmas was definitely in the air 😉

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Tastefully elegant splashes of color were added by everyone… white & red roses, glittery sprigs, flowing grasses, and ribbon for bows!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Cheerful laughter drifted through the blissfully sweet air as the girls finished their florals… Talents ranged from a beginner to a seasoned florist, but that didn’t stop anyone from creating a beautiful masterpiece of their own.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Until Monday… We’ll be creating more Christmas-y beauty 🙂 You guys have a glorious weekend!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset




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