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Hey guys sorry I missed y’all on Friday! I hope y’all had a great weekend 🙂 Mine flew by ….per usual! I did enjoy sewing my very first project though…


It’s an apron 🙂 I feel like I might be a natural lol. I really enjoyed learning how to sew, and to tell you the truth I have my next 8-15 projects lined out already haha… it might be a bit ambitious but I’m off to an encouraging start!

So… since I missed out on giving y’all a few Holiday decorating tips on Friday I’m going to show you a few links that I thought were pretty great. The first is can u buy neurontin online, some of my favorites are #’s 13, 19, & 24! Who knew you needed to bake the bugs out of pine cones before you decorated them??

This buy gabapentin 300mg uk gives 20 Fall Décor Ideas for the Home using a neutral color palette. I love me some neutrals so I can definitely see myself implementing a few of these ideas… I love the white pumpkins and acorns on the mantel, coffee mugs, fireplaces lit, and lots of warm cozy blankets!! Oh my goodness I wish I had a fireplace to toast my footsies!

Oh and I know I mentioned a smell good on #13 of the Party Hacks, but I found this on buy gabapentin 100mg uk and I want to try it too!!

Smells like the Holidays

Happy Holidays y’all, don’t forget to come see us at buy gabapentin online usa this weekend for Small Business Saturday! Until Tomorrow…



buy gabapentin without prescription


  1. Love these ideas! Will definitely try some! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The decorating ideas from ‘This Silly Girls Life” was what I wanted to do the day you convinced me to go to a bike rally! Haha, that’s what I love about you… you are well rounded 🙂

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