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DIY: Poison Oak/Ivy Home Remedy

Hey Y’all! How was your weekend?? Mine flew by as usual, but you know what? I’m thankful that I get the little bit of weekend that I do! The rest & time off is much needed after a long work week. How do you guys spend your weekends? Any tips on how to slow down & unwind after being wound up from a hectic work week?

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New ideas are always welcomed and appreciated! This weekend we decided to try out our new Eno hammocks we got from REI! There’s nothing like relaxing in a beautifully landscaped yard on a calm day…

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By the way… the Eno Hammocks are amazing! Totally recommended.

The breeze was blowing ever-so-slightly as the trees casted a heavenly bit of shade across the yard. We strung up our hammocks (which only took about 5 minutes… or less) and we hopped right in! The chimes were humming sweet little tunes as we were getting oh so close to dozing off into a much needed cat-nap. A few moments passed and I started to hear a familiar noise…you know the noise that keeps you awake at night? The person next to you can’t fall asleep, they keep flipping and flopping, jerking the sheets and swishing around… that uncomfortable rustling noise was loud and clear, and coming out of the hammock right next to me! I sat up & looked over at my boyfriend, only to notice him itching his very red, swollen, puffy, irritated (but still cute) head. I exclaimed, “Are you ok?? You’re face is so red! and blotchy! and swollen! What did you get into” He proceeded to tell me that he was fine, and that he did not get into to anything…

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Within minutes the rash that had appeared on his face began spread to his neck, chest, elbows, wrists, & feet! We rushed inside to confirm with Myra that he was indeed breaking out, & that he had “gotten in to something”… Myra was on her way out, but before she went she offered us this great book called Jude’s Herbal Home Remedies (by Jude C. Williams, M.H). I turned to the “Skin” chapter and we concluded/decided that he had gotten into Poison Oak! Now… we all know how miserably uncomfortably exhausting skin irritations can be… so we decided to go ahead and test drive the remedy.

Jude’s recommended applying equal parts of buttermilk, vinegar, & salt on the skin as soon as the rash appeared. I used a rag dipped in the mix and applied the solution… I applied and applied and applied, very thoroughly. He complained that the smell of old buttermilk & vinegar was horrid, but I think he was just being dramatic… hehe. Ok, ok. I’m just kidding, it really did stink, but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

We let the solution dry on the skin (for about 30-45min.) Then he rinsed it off in a cool shower. Within 2 hours (starting from the time the rash appeared) he was completely free of any sign of the poison oak! It had gone away completely!! I am utterly speechless, and totally amazed! I mean come on, I’ve gotten poison ivy & poison oak before… that stuff can last for weeks no matter what I get to put on it! I had never tried any poison oak/ivy remedies before, but now that I have I’m sticking to’em!! Woohoo!

Have you guys had similar luck with a remedy before? What do you use on poison oak/ivy rashes? Until Tomorrow… Have a great evening, and enjoy the sunset!

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Jude’s Herbal Home Remedies, Jude C. Williams, M.H.
As always, we are just sharing our experiences… please consult a doctor for serious health problems.


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