Hey guys! So today I’m sharing “Thanks” since it’s apropos for this week’s Holiday (THANKSgiving)…  I’m so thankful to be here today and to be given the opportunity to share this experience with y’all 🙂 The DIY I’m posting today is more of a commentary than a list of steps for you to “Do Yourself”… I’m more interested in promoting you to just “Do Something” in general.

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Normally I would say… Do something for yourself or someone else… but today I’m thinking we should lean more towards the someone else. Projects are always nice things to share with people. I love working on projects with friends, coworkers, and family members! Working on a project alongside someone can be a great way of getting to know someone better, showing love & support to the people we already know really well, or just inserting a little fun into the “seriousness” of our daily lives.

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This little DIY: Apron you’re seeing is a project I wanted to do in order to learn how to sew. I figured an apron would be simple enough to learn on and useful enough to use in my kitchen and garden. My wonderfully talented stepmom Cheryl was kind enough to lend her skills for guidance and assistance throughout this project… I would’ve been lost without her! I’m so thankful that we got to spend time together… visiting, cutting fabric, sewing, trimming, fixing mishaps, and sewing some more! It was superb quality-time that I will forever cherish 🙂

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My Dad also lent a hand supervising our work 😉 He is actually a wonderfully talented seamster himself! He gave me pointers and hovered conveniently (just in case I needed him lol). I love that he knows so much about so many things… and he always knows how to go one step further to do the job that much better! I think of him and his work ethic often 🙂 He makes me strive to be a more better faster stronger harder efficiently smarter worker.

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In total I probably only worked on this project for about 8 hours… but the quality of the time spent with my dear family is infinite. Thank you Lord for my wonderful family… and for them living across the street so that I have ample opportunity to make glorious memories with them!

Until Tomorrow Lovelies…