Myra Mayo had a small start in early 1996. Out of her love for gardening and a desire to serve her community, she started selling hanging baskets at a local market and out of her front yard.

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Before too long, customers began to stop by and request that she carry more varieties of plants. Unsure of how to get these plants, Myra began to research and soon found how to get them. Myra just continued to work, and the work just kept coming. Locals began to inquire about her working in their own gardens, and she accepted.

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Myra opened the store front where we are now located in 1998. With the help of other garden loving employees, Myra’s Garden has grown to become a service oriented, educational facility.

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Myra’s is a place to come and learn about all aspects of gardening, it’s a place to visualize a beautiful space of your own.