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What are you guys doing for spring cleaning motivation this year? I’ve seen that some people are reading “this is how you clean your house” kinda books, others are taking measures from motivational quotes and inspiring stories via the abundance of blogs, and some people, like me, have been practicing the age old art of avoiding..

Yes.. I admitted it.. I’ve been avoiding the Spring Cleaning Itch! I have this room, I call it the laundry room. It’s basically one of those rooms that you walk into and you drop everything! Drop the shopping bags, drop the antique finds that will “someday” turn into projects, drop the piles of laundry, drop the makeup, drop the shoes, the hair products, heck I even drop the groceries in there sometimes!

It all starts to pile up after a while. And I feel like that can get quite overwhelming. It just creates this yucky cluttery feel in the house.. You almost don’t notice it til bit by bit it creeps up on you a little at a time. Then BAM you’re stressed tired and plum worn out of any kinda motivation you might’ve once had.

That being said, I figured the only kinda way I could get rid of the mess and the stress is to stop avoiding it and get rid of it!

So yesterday I did just that! I decided to commit to one room (I chose the laundry room for obvious reason) and I got to it. First thing I did was clean up everything off the floor, then off the desk, off the shelves, and I swept up. Once I started to accumulate a pile of stuff that needed to be stored or chunked I went with that ol’ mythical rule “If you haven’t used it in a year, chunk it!”

Now that may not be exactly how it goes, but you get the gist of it right?? I cleaned and chunked and cleaned and put up. Annnnd nearly 7 hours later I was done!

spring cleaning laundry 1

It feels so good to walk into that clean room, my spirits were lifted.. even my dogs feel better! Check it out..

spring cleaning laundry

I don’t have any before pics.. I wouldn’t show you if I did haha. I now have motivation to put up my Christmas décor.. hehe.. and finish Spring Cleaning the rest of the house!

spring cleaning laundry 2

What do y’all think?? Don’tcha just love Spring 😉 it’s so nice and refreshing haha!



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