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How about this weather?

We are definitely welcoming this break in the gray clouds and rainy season we’ve had lately! We’ve been getting shipments of some pretty color in, along with some other things like fertilizer, bagged mulch, compost, and potting soil 🙂 Today’s been a great day to get out and start some of those to-do list’s!

My advice: Take it one project at a time. Complete the task at hand before you move on to the next one.. that way you have a sense of accomplishment and you can use that as driving force to tackle one more project!

How do you guys kick start your spring cleaning?

Do you have any annual commencement activities or do you just jump right into it?

How do you celebrate the completion of spring cleaning and a job(s) well done?

Anything specific you want to plant in your spring gardens this year?



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