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Here at the shop we’ve had a few of you guys calling to ask about Peat Moss, Vermiculite, & Compost. So today, I’m going to try’n clear up a few of those questions for y’all!

To give you an idea of what you’re dealing with I’ll briefly explain the differences between Peat Moss, Vermiculite, and Compost.

Peat Moss is the partially decomposed remains of plants. It is a natural, organic soil conditioner that regulates moisture & air around plant roots. Peat Moss aerates &/or binds soil (depending on soil type), saves water, reduces leaching of nutrients, controls air and moisture content, and makes compost less stinky while it’s decomposing.

Vermiculite is the geological name of a mineral that is processed for horticultural use. Under intensive heat, Vermiculite expands into granules that are made up of thin layers. Horticultural Vermiculite is used to improve soil aeration while retaining moisture and nutrients to feed roots, cuttings, & seeds for faster, maximum growth. Vermiculite is permanent, it does not deteriorate like Peat Moss and Compost. In order to tap into the useful advantages of Vermiculite you must mix it with something that offers beneficial properties. I think of it as basically a man-made sterile sponge.

Compost is decayed organic material. It is a great way to contribute to the soil food web. Being full of nutrients, Compost is useful in promoting the growth of garden vegetables and other ornamental plants. Like Peat Moss, Compost partners with plant roots to promote growth & moisture retention. Through composting it is possible to enhance your gardens ability to grow healthy happy plants.

Here at Myra’s we always recommend organic gardening, and as for your questions on Peat Moss vs. Vermiculite vs. Compost?

We definitely recommend adding a high quality compost to your soil (Available at Myra’s). This alone can meet your gardens needs. If a high quality compost is not available in your area, a mixture of Compost & Peat Moss can also work, but Peat Moss is not a required substance for soil amendment. As for Vermiculite, well we see it as an unnecessary addition to your soil.

Hope this helps! Until Tomorrow…