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Hey guys, so the next coming weeks mark a lot of “shopping holidays” like… Cyber Monday … Black Friday (cray cray). Small Business Saturday was first observed Nov. 27, 2010 as the counterpart to the above mentioned shopping frenzy days. Small Business Saturday is quite the contrast, it’s an encouragement for Holiday Shoppers to patronize brick and mortar businesses that are small and local. And Guess What?? You’ve lucked out, because here at Myra’s we are definitely brick and mortar and small and local…

“We have been built from the ground up. We started with nothing… And we have most of it left!”


Myra Mayo had a small start in early 1996. Out of her love for gardening and a desire to serve her community, she started selling hanging baskets at a local market and out of her front yard. Myra opened the store front where we are now located in 1998. With the help of other garden loving employees, Myra’s Garden has grown to become a service oriented, educational facility.

To Honor Myra’s commitment to the community and our desire to serve we will be offering special discounts on select items during #smallbizsaturday …Tune in tomorrow for a sneak peek at some of the items that will be on discount and this week’s Handy Holiday Tips!



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