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To follow along with the Spring Cleanup theme, I’m going to share a little Repurpose action with you today!

This past weekend Myra had a chance to clean some old junk out of the potting shed. Stuff that’s been sitting in there for years, unused.. but not lacking at all in potential.

She had just taken a trip to Round Top the weekend before, which left her feeling inspired to Jazz Up some of her old finds.

bird cage

First Spruce up was an old cherished bird cage! It’s got these great rustic scroll designs surrounding the bottom and top of the cage. Along with really cool feet, the hanging piece mimics the same design. She filled it with Kalanchoe and a few other varieties of succulents. This was a great choice for the bird cage, because these guys don’t require a lot of water or care. Something enjoyable that you don’t have to worry too much about 😉 With the little requirement for water it also lends to the life of the cage.. the base will survive longer if it’s not sitting in moist plant material all the time. With the addition of a cute little garden fairy this repurposed planter will bring beauty to any space!

repurpose planters 2

After a bit Myra got on a role.. it’s awesome how much you can get done when you’re inspired! Come on by the shop and see all of her new creations. Maybe even take one home.. or get inspired yourself!





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