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As I am sure y’all can see… it’s raining again this morning! 🙂 hehe. how can I be happy you ask? Well it seems that we’ve had an abundance of rain in the past months, and I’m very thankful for that. We’ve been without a good rainy season for a little while now it seems… I’m sure that there are plenty of rivers, bays, and creeks that needed to be replenished… not to mention it takes the stress off of our pocket book when we don’t have to water our yards!

One thing that I have noticed in my yard is that I’ve got a few spots holding water. Some of these puddles are small… and almost seemingly insignificant, but there is one puddle that I would really like to take care of. It’s about 10-15′ long running down the fence line. I’ve filled in this area with top soil before, but I may not have put enough down to solve the puddle problem.

What I recommend doing is taking some marking paint or a few yard flags and marking around the area where the water is standing. That way when the water dries up enough for you to work in your yard, you still know where your puddle was located.

Here at Myra’s we recommend topsoil for yard leveling projects. By the Yard topsoil is $22.50, but we can also sell you a few buckets if your need is on a much smaller scale. If you’ve got a little time to spare you can also install an underground drain system in your yard. We can also do these things for you, if you’d like for us to come by and take a look give us a can u buy neurontin onlineor buy gabapentin 300mg uk 🙂

Until Tomorrow, y’all stay warm and dry!



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