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We’re planning another wedding!! Except this one is going to be much much smaller.. still yet there are bridal tips and wedding tools that can be handy to any couple planning their journey to commitment. Today I wanted to share a few tips and sources that have been helpful to us so far..


1. this site: has so great tips for the brides; “things to remember” <<which I feel like just about anyone can appreciate a good “don’t forget this” list.

2. this girl has some great insight: it’s awesome what one can know from just being a part of sooo many weddings. Her photographer stand point brings out a lot of great ideas, like.. the “first look” photos.. I don’t know if I would do this personally.. but it sounds like a pretty cool way to make darn sure you capture the emotion of the day.

3. annnd there’s also page: which is actually a board on Pinterest (which I lovvvvve). It’s a board full of Tips for Brides.. so basically someone has already spent hours upon hours scouring Pinterest for the most deemed worthy helpful hints and tricks 😉 hope you enjoy!

What have you found helpful in planning? Have you found any super great wedding hacks that you’d love to share? Comment and Share Below 🙂 Until Tomorrow..



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