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Winterize Your Lawn

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This is by far my favorite time of year…Holidays, Delicious Steamy Home-Cooked Food, Family Get-togethers, Falling Leaves, Thanksgiving, Gratefulness, & Lots of Love & Laughter! I love having family and friends over to the house, but if your anything like me you’ve gotta have the house abnormally clean and the yard looking it’s best. Below I explain a few steps to beefing up your lawn & information about why we “winterize” our grass this time of year.

The first step to winterizing your lawn is Cutting your grass! Here at Myra’s we recommend cutting your grass at a Level 3 or higher. Cutting your grass too low can weaken or kill the grass, leaving it to form bare spots or become vulnerable to weed invasion. Cutting at the proper height and frequency will help maintain dense, healthy, attractive looking grass.

Lawn Maintenance, Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

The second step is Fertilizing! There are sooo many fertilizers out there… Here at Myra’s we strive to offer you quality affordable product to choose from. Whether it’s organic compost or a granular fertilize, we want to provide you with the product & share our knowledge to support you in finding the best formula for your yard.

Please follow directions according to the label on your fertilizer bag. And don’t forget watering is a vital step to fertilizing! Not watering can cause your grass to burn. Applying too much or too little Fertilize can also have unwanted affects on your yard.

When talking about grass we can generally clump everything into two different categories…Cool Season and Warm Season Grasses. Here in the South we are most familiar with the latter of the two. Warm Season Grasses (WSG) go dormant as temperatures begin to drop in the fall. All activity in these grasses stops once it is dormant and will not resume activity again until it begins to warm up in the spring. Cool Season Grasses (CSG) can go dormant as well, but this happens during the warmer summer months.

Most WSGs grow best with Hot Summers & Mild Winters. Here in South Texas we often mow our yards straight through fall and into the winter…being that there are times when the temperatures don’t drop enough to make a difference until the end of the year or beginning of the next. During the cooler temperatures WSGs do not need the traditional lawn winterization fertilizer like the CSGs would.

However, WSGs can benefit from the application of Potassium (K) or Oxide of Potassium aka Potash (K2O). Benefits of Potassium application include enhanced disease suppresson & stress relief. During cooler months (when soil temps drop below 70 degrees) WSGs shouldn’t receive High Nitrogen (N) application, this can over stimulate the grass when it should be storing up nutrients & preparing for dormancy. High Nitrogen can contribute to the cause of winter diseases.

During our fall weather, formulas like 18-6-12 or 10-0-4 will be appropriate for feeding your fall weather grass. When our “winter” approaches, in late fall, you can apply formulas like 4-2-3 & 0-0-22, all of which we carry here at Myra’s.

If you are looking for a more organic option, you can aerate your soil and then apply compost throughout your yard. Aeration uncompacts the soil & provides pathways for the nutrients to travel through. Nutrients will then penetrate the soil and reach the roots of the grass that exist below the soil. Proper circulation of air, water, and nutrients is important to the life of the grass.

For the best lawn maintenance Myra’s Garden recommends performing a soil test as a way of detecting exactly what your soil contains, and from there we can see what it needs. Choosing the proper formula for your grass is very important. Applying too much or too little of one thing can cause unwanted damage or stress to your yard. Come on by Myra’s as we are getting in our shipment of winterizing products tomorrow.

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Prepare your lawn now to share a beautiful happy healthy lawn and landscape with your friends and family this Holiday Season! If you need any help or more information please come by or give us a call!

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