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Last minute gift wrapping/giving/forgot to buy someone a present now you need to regift something from contents only found in or near your home?? We’ve all been there and our guest post has a solution for you!!

Gift wrapping is a big deal in my family. There are competitions.

The finalist are normally my mom and my brother. Yes, my 6’4 Country-Hood brother is a master at wrapping paper and curling ribbons. The present’s wrapping is celebrated as much as the present itself, and with good reason, because they really create beautiful gifts.

I am the hippy child of the family,  and all of the wrapping paper has always bothered me a little bit. Don’t get me wrong… I admire & enjoy it. There is just a nagging thought in the back of my head as we are bundling up all of the leftover paper and filling a trash bag… that it seems so wasteful.  can u buy neurontin online is a short, interesting article that talks about the history of wrapping paper,  how much money we spend on it and how much of it enters our landfills every year. (Hint: It’s a lot)

But you can’t give an unwrapped gift. It’s just not right. So you see… I had a problem.

I also had another problem. Being the hippy child that I am I try to take my own bags to the grocery store. If I forget, I ask for paper bags. Well, I forget a lot. I also forget to take my paper bags to the recycling center  (only 5 minutes from my house). This accumulation of brown paper bags drives my husband crazy!

buy gabapentin 300mg uk

Two problems & One Solution

As I was organizing my paper bags one day I thought, why not wrap my gifts with this paper! At that moment I decided I would not buy anything for wrapping this year. I would only wrap gifts with what I had in my home. Below is how I did it:


You start by separating the bags at the seamsbuy gabapentin 100mg uk


You then layout your bag and trim the torn edgesbuy gabapentin online usa

This leaves you with a nice sheet of ‘wrapping paper’.

buy neurontinWrap your present…

And decorate! (After I finished this project I looked on Pinterest and there are a lot good ideas on how to decorate a brown paper gifts)

neurontin 800mg

gabapentin buy online australia


Zion can’t wait to see what he is going to get!

buy neurontin canadian pharmacy

Sometimes we get carried away with our To-Do Lists and getting things done as quick and easy as possible. Let me encourage everyone to try to incorporate mindfulness in every aspect of our lives. If we are mindful of what we say, what we eat, how we spend our time and mindful of our resources… I believe time will slow down and we will be able to feel satisfaction as we complete our tasks.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! God Bless you, and let’s open our hearts and pour out love this year!

Guest post written and illustrated by the very lovely and super talented Margarey Valdez-Diaz!

Thank you Margarey and Merry Christmas from Myra’s Garden!



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